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Frequently Asked Questions

BeerAlchemy (Mac)

Are my credit card details safe?

We at Kent Place Software never handle your credit card details. We use eSellerate to handle the processing of payment and the issuing of serial numbers for our Mac products. You can view eSellerate's security and privacy page here.

How do I get my serial number?

However you buy our Mac software, you will receive a confirmation email containing the serial number. If you use the built-in 'Buy Online' option in our software your software will be automatically unlocked. If you use our web store then you can use the 'Enter Serial' option to unlock your software.

I've lost my serial number, can you tell me what it is?

You can find out your serial number at eSellerate's after sales page

What are the restrictions on the use of my serial number?

Our licenses are personal so you can use the serial number to unlock the chosen application on any machine you use. Serial numbers restrict the number of copies that may be unlocked to three. Please do not share your serial number with anyone else. If you share your computer with other people, they should purchase their own serial numbers.

Why do you use product activation?

The sharing or posting of serial numbers on the internet is a problem for software developers. Consequently we have adopted product activation for BeerAlchemy. This technology restricts the number of times a particular serial can be used before it will no longer work. In the case of BeerAlchemy each serial number will unlock three copies. Our aim is to reduce piracy not to punish legitimate users. Let us know if product activation causes you problems and we'll see what we can do to help. We have a number of options open to us.

What are the privacy implications of product activation?

Please check eSellerate's product activation privacy policy.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases / educational use etc.?

No. We believe our software is very reasonably priced consequently we do not offer discounts other than limited duration discounts for specific promotions.

Do you sell discounted bundles?

No. As our iPhone software is sold exclusively by the Apple iTunes App Store, it is not possible for us to offer bundle discounts.

Do you sell boxed software?

No. All of our software is available by download only.

Does your Mac software support Intel and PowerPC Macs?

BeerAlchemy is shipped as a universal binary.

Will you release a version of BeerAlchemy for Windows?

No. For technical reasons this would be a major undertaking and would detract us from our principal aim - for BeerAlchemy to be the best homebrewing application for the Mac.

Why can't I input amounts in teaspoons/cups etc?

Because to do so would break the inventory integration we've built in. The automatic adjusting of the inventory is based on weight. A teaspoon is a volume measurement and the weight varies from substance to substance and also between batches of the same substance. We've decided that the inventory integration is more useful than supporting these volume-based units. As a workaround, you could weigh the contents of the teaspoon - it'd be more accurate that way anyway.

BeerAlchemy Touch

Syncing seems messed up.

If you're seeing strange behavior after syncing (duplicate recipes or the wrong data being retained after syncing), try performing a wired sync with iTunes and restarting your iPhone. For reasons unknown, this seems to fix these problems.

I can't import a particular BeerXML file.

Some brewing software sometimes produces BeerXML files that don't conform to the published BeerXML format. Currently BeerAlchemy Touch will not import these files. Please let us know if this causes you problems as we could look into potential workarounds.